Jenny leading a remote group coaching session


group coaching

As a woman in STEM or tech you have probably experienced or are experiencing an environment where you are surrounded by unconscious bias, lack of role models, stereotypes and a world where your work-life balance is totally compromised!

TWO WAYS TO get started:

Discovery Call

FREE – 30 mins

Interested in finding out more about group coaching and to have an opportunity to investigate before you dive in? This is the place to start!

  • You’ll get to meet your coach, learn more about what coaching could do for you and establish what you’d like from a group coaching programme.
  • Meeting the coach first in a 1:1 setting means you’ll most likely feel more confident and settled when the main group programme starts.
  • You’ll gain the opportunity to articulate your objectives and define what success looks like for you.
  • This call will help you feel confident in your decision to invest in your future.

6 Session Immersion

£449 – 90 mins per session

Join my exclusive group coaching programme designed to empower you with the skills, confidence, & support you need to thrive in your professional life.

  • With a maximum of 6 clients per group, you’ll have ample opportunity to engage with your coach and peers, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment.
  • You’ll gain the tools and insights needed to identify, reframe and overcome the barriers holding you back from feeling confident and achieving goals in your career.
  • You’ll become more aware of your strengths and know how to play them to your advantage. 
  • Unique to group coaching, you’ll work on learning coaching skills & tools to enable a coaching culture in your workplace.

my easy process

Jenny Sharp Career Coach Her Process


Complete the career conundrum self audit so you have time to plan for our first session. After completing this you may have your first priority for coaching, but if not don’t worry.


In the first session, you will spend time getting to know the rest of the group. Together we will formulate a group coaching agreement to ensure confidentiality and to encourage accountability.


We will review and establish our coaching priorities as a group so we can start to identify the most important common focus areas for our sessions. 


In each session we will focus on one topic area, as agreed by the group, and you will learn and use the appropriate coaching tool in breakout rooms with one or two other participants.


During the process there will also be space to consider different topics which arise, which could range from growing your confidence, exploring a particular relationship at work or identifying your key values.


During every session you will have an opportunity to review your progress and set actionable steps for you to work towards ahead of the next session.

The Final Result

At the end of working together, you’ll know your greatest strengths and be aware of your weaknesses. You’ll be clear on your key values and have reviewed your current work against them.

You’ll have tools and strategies to confidently bring a coaching culture into your workplace.

You’ll feel empowered to move forward, having clarity that your next steps are well thought out. You’ll stop getting in your own way and confidently embrace new opportunities rather than letting them fester through indecision.

You may have arrived stuck, but you will leave empowered, with clarity and purpose for the way forward, with a group of trusted allies who have your back long into the future.

Jenny Sharp Group Coach Career Specialist