Hi, I’m Jenny, a fully qualified and registered ICF coach specialising in supporting women in male-dominated fields like science, engineering, and tech. A mum of 3, with over 30 years of navigating similar challenges, I understand the pressures of balancing career and personal life.

From software engineer to grief counsellor, my ‘squiggly’ or ‘portfolio’ career journey led me to empower others in finding their true selves and passions. Transitioning to a certified life and business coach, I guide my clients with attentiveness and respect.

My Philosophy

As a female professional in data, tech, or IT, you have probably faced the weight of gender bias and discrimination in a male-dominated workplace.

Your desire to step into leadership roles might be hindered by concerns about respect and being heard. Perhaps you’ve felt sidelined or overlooked in meetings or pigeonholed into stereotypical roles.

According to the Women in Tech survey 2023, only 23% tech directors are female, and why shouldn’t one of them be you?


Whether it involves altering your workplace, career path, or self-perception, deep down, you recognize your potential for success. 

Despite obstacles such as confidence issues, limited support, family responsibilities, or perceived gender barriers, you believe in your ability to not just survive, but thrive. 

About Jenny Sharp Career Coach

With the right support, you’re ready to invest in yourself, spread your wings, and soar.

By allowing you time and space to pause in a fully accepting environment, you will be able to take stock of your life, accepting all of its glorious and uplifting highs without ignoring its lows. By working with you to identify what makes you tick, you will discover your desires and create an actionable plan to make your dreams become a reality.

My Experience & Qualifications


In a previous life I worked as a software engineer, mentor, and computing teacher, all in male-dominated teams. I saw the struggle myself and other women went through and nothing you tell me will come as a surprise.


As a teacher, I was made to “undergo” coaching cycles due to my performance. Maybe you feel the same? Rest reassured, this is not how coaching works.


I’ve experienced a ‘squiggly’ career journey, largely due to raising a family, so I understand the pressures of trying to balance family life and work, especially when transitioning back into employment. I know how it feels to doubt yourself and worry that you’re not getting it right.


We partner in the process, with me being equipped with tools and techniques and you being in control every step of the way. Being a qualified coach, I have undergone rigorous training and assessments and subscribe fully to the ethics and values of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Associate Certified Coach
PDL development. Coaching & mentoring


What is the difference between counselling, mentoring and coaching?

Counselling and therapy focus on dealing with past hurts and trauma, bringing them to the surface and working together to heal them. A counsellor or therapist brings specialised techniques to enable you to safely explore areas of your life where you are not coping.

In mentoring, you arrive expecting the mentor to be an expert on your topic. You will be gaining from the wisdom and experience of the mentor in order to progress forwards in your chosen area.

Coaching is an equally safe space to counselling, but a fundamental difference is that you are not coming to coaching needing to be 'fixed'. If a coach recognises that you are needing counselling, they will refer you to a trained counsellor. In coaching, you form a partnership of equals with your coach. This is where it differs from mentoring.

A coach is not there to give you advice or suggestions, but to work with you, enabling you to be curious and to find the answers for yourself. A good coach will be able to work well with anyone, whether it be a new Mum, a chief executive or a drama teacher. If you are ready to explore your options and you are ready to work hard on your present and future goals, you are ready for coaching!

I'm not a woman in a male-dominated field, can I work with you?

Certainly! My clients have ranged from customer service personnel to managing directors. What is important is that you are open-minded, ready and wanting to make a change and would like support to do it.

Do I need career or executive coaching?

Career and executive coaching may cover many of the same topics. The main difference is the level of responsibility you have in your company, so the relative financial benefit to the company of you undertaking the work we do.

Where can I have coaching?

Your sessions can take place in any quiet space where you feel comfortable to talk openly. For example, in a coffee shop away from your usual area, remotely via Zoom or Teams, face to face at your work or at another agreed location.

I'm based in York, North Yorkshire if you wish to meet face to face, but the majority of my clients since lockdown have chosen to be coached remotely.

What is your most popular programme?

My most successful clients initially book in for a 6 session immersion where there is time to see and reflect on progress towards your goals.

The most popular starting point with clients is to sign up for a 3 session dive in. We will review progress at the end of the 3rd session against your goals. About 50% of my clients continue with at least another 3 session block, but you are also able to book for a subsequent 6 session immersion.

What happens if I realise I want more than 1 type of coaching?
You might sign up for a block of career coaching sessions but you are able to work on any other topic if you wish to in each session. We may craft a plan together at the start of the block, but if something changes then don't be afraid to change your goals at any point.
How much does working with you cost?
Head over to the 1:1 coaching page to find out more. My fees start from £149 for a single session.
How does your payment plan work?
If you have agreed to a 6 session dive in, you are able to pay 50% upfront and then 50% before the start of the 4th conversation.
What notice do I need to give if I am unable to attend a session?
Unless you are unwell, 24 hours notice is required for session cancellation. Late cancellation will be subject to a minimum of 50% session fee.
I have another question, where do I go?
Email Jenny at