You have got to a point in your career where you don’t know whether to stay where you are, look for a different role in the same industry or even move to a totally different arena. What you do know is that how you feel about working can’t stay the same for much longer.

Three WAYS TO get started:

Power Hour

£149 (60 MINS)

Ideal if you’re new to coaching, you’ve had a 360° performance review* and want to work through the feedback, or perfect as a top up session.

  • The fee for this service is £149 and lasts 60 minutes.
  • Experience coaching as a supportive time to think and talk through a variety of topics.
  • Help make you feel safe to explore your 360° review feedback without judgement.
  • Easy access to my support without the need to book in a block of sessions.
  • *This can form the beginnings of an Executive Coaching package (prices vary).

Kick Start

£360 (3 sessions)

Sign up for 3 career coaching conversations where we will focus on a review of your current career and set future actionable objectives.

  • This service is £360 and you will have 3 personalised sessions.
  • There are no rules as to what you think are the most important areas to cover.
  • An example might be wanting confidence support for an upcoming interview.
  • If you are motivated to make change happen and want a short 3-6 week package of support for success, this is the perfect place to start!

Deep Dive

£680 (6 sessions)

Commit to at least 6 conversations. You will be supported and challenged to think deeper and to safely breach your comfort zone. 

  • The fee for this service is £680, and includes not only 1:1 hour long conversations, but also text support in between.
  • Are you ready for insights and discoveries about yourself? Are you ready to dig deep?
  • If you are ready to consider your values, your strengths, work out what you are putting in your way, grow your confidence and face your fears, then let’s talk.

my easy process


Agree to the number of sessions and formulate a coaching agreement for our way of working together.


Complete the career conundrum self audit so you have time to plan for our first session. After completing this you may have a focus for coaching, but if not don’t worry.


Review your investigation together so we can start to identify the most important focus for our work.


Spend time exploring and unravelling everything that is in your head.


Consider different topics you might wish to work on, which could range from growing your confidence, exploring a particular relationship at work or identifying your key values.


During every conversation we will review your progress, set actionable steps for you to complete and highlight a potential idea for the next session.

The Final Result

At the end of working together, you’ll know your greatest strengths and be aware of your weaknesses. You’ll be clear on your key values and have reviewed your current work against them.

You’ll feel empowered to move forward, having clarity that your next steps are well thought out. You’ll stop getting in your own way and confidently embrace new opportunities rather than letting them fester through indecision.

You may have arrived stuck, but you will leave empowered, with clarity and purpose for the way forward.

Jenny Sharp 1:1 Coaching